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How it works.
It's not magic, but it's very clever!


Machine Rental

With a range of machines spanning Canon's entire LFP portfolio, you'll be spoilt for choice. Simply select the machine you desire, and you pay monthly with no up front investment.


When your machine is running low on ink or its maintenance cartridge is nearly full, the printer will automatically email our support department asking for the required items. We then courier them to you via next day delivery.


No more paying for ink up front! At the end of each month we remotely take a reading from your machine and send you a bill for the ink you have used. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

Machine Rental
Once you have decided which plan, we simply send you an agreement to sign which includes a rental contract. There are no leasing companies or company loans involved, no business plans to justify to bankers, etc.
Once signed, all we require is one quarters deposit which will be used to pay your last quarters payment.

This agreement covers all labour and parts including Maintenance Cartridges & Print Heads. 
That's it, machine will be delivered, installed and training supplied all FREE.

Pay As You Go
Because we use and monitor the Eservice system, we charge only for the ink used, if you do not use any ink in a period then the charge will be zero.

There is an addition charge which includes the ink used on installation to prime the printer, this is a one off cost which will depend on which printer you decide on, cost between £75 to £165.
There is no minimum usage, the click charge is for that model and not related to volume.
With Pay As You Go there is no need to hold a full set of inks as backup, we will send out the new inks at 20% level. This will SAVE you MONEY too.
You will also save on delivery, A user can have between 10 to 30 deliveries of Inks/Maintenance Cartridges per year costing him aprox £170 per year. It's FREE with Pay As You Go.

You will receive one bill per month for the rental and an invoice for the Pay As You Go for the ink used.

That's it. All bases covered. Now pick a Machine.