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The Big Print Plan 

“Whether you are looking to introduce Large format Printing in-house,
replace an existing printer or expand into new markets”


1) No capital outlay, keep hold of your cashflow.
2) Has a 3 year service and all parts warranty included.
3) Orders it’s own consumables inc. inks, maintenance cartridges and even print heads before you need them.
4) E-mails tech support when a fault appears, or have a Canon engineer dispatched ASAP if they can’t fix your printer remotely,
5) Which allows you to pay monthly for the ink you use AFTER you have used it?

The Big Print Plan is a 3 year Finance package which includes Leasing, Service, 
Support and Warranty Contract for the full term. 

The Big Print Plan is the only package on the market that offers this
full Comprehensive Cover todate.

Do you know which way the market will go over the next 3 years?

With the Big Print Plan you can simply upgrade, downgrade, swap the machine for the next generation of Canon Printers. Even discontinue the Plan (see F.A.Q) at any time. The BBP guarantees you max quality without costing you extra in service calls,  parts or support. This service plan is far more comprehensive than an extended warranty giving you full cover and worry free operation of your Canon Printer with no additional money tied up in dead stock for inks in the machine or on the shelves. If this all sounds good ............. 

 Then the Big Print Plan is the answer.

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