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Raster to Vector Conversion

A raster is an image made up of pixels, dots on a screen, which has no intelligence within a CAD program. A vector is an image created mathematically using location points x,y to x,y draw a line, circle, arc, etc., used by CAD programs.

Raster to Vector conversion is an automatic software program which only works with black and white images. The software picks up a pixel or dot (which is part of the image) looks for a second pixel touching it, if more then 5 pixels are touching then the software starts the first x,y point and places the second x,y point when the dots or pixels stop.

This is a very simplified version of what happens but helps to explain the limitations of such a process.

The software can not pick dots or lines smaller then 5 pixels. If a line starts to bend out of range, then a second line is started. Text is still a major problem for CAD drawings, OCR works well with text documents produced on a computer. but not with Cad drawing.

Many CAD drawings still have text produced by hand but even if the drawing is CAD produced, the variations of text height, spacing and type and style make it very difficult.

This process is very horses for courses and should not be confused with a true CAD drafted drawing, but it can produce some very good results, quickly and cost effectively.

The final result is dependant on a number of factors being mainly the quality of the original but most importantly the method of scanning and the processes used to set up the software before converting.

Once the drawing has been converted, for the best result, produce a print and then change the areas which require attention.

This process is ideal for building outlines, contours and complex shapes or can be used as an overlay or back cloth and redrawn.

If you would like to try this service for the first time, we will be more then happy to process a FREE sample for your perusal.

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