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Photo and Image Printing

We all have those photos from holiday or a wedding where one in particular looks great and wouldn't it look good enlarged or even framed. Tell us the size of frame or area you wish to place it in and we will enlarge it and use only Long Life inks.

We hold 2 different weights of Photographic papers, 200gsm and 260gsm. Both have an option of 2 different finishes, a High Gloss which is the shine mirror finish we are all used too and the Matt Gloss finish which is not so shiny but will not show any grubby finger marks, the choose is yours.

Why use Data Image for printing Photos? The 2 main reasons are that 90% of printers used at home are dye based inks which will fade quickly if left in the light, we use only Pigmented inks or some times called Long Life Inks, these will not fade.

Secondly, depending on the quality or resolution of your image, we can enlarge up to any size, Our printers have a limit of 44" wide but any length.

We also stock a large range of other printing materials, to suit most applications

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