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Support & Service.

From day one, your machine is covered by an all inclusive policy. We all know that the Canon large format machines are among the most reliable products ever brought to the market, but it's nice to know that should the worst happen you'll be treated as a priority customer. No matter what the problem, your machine will be fixed with no additional charges.

Relax... You've never been so comprehensively covered!

eServices is the system that underpins the Big Print Plan and instructs your printer to communicate direct with our stores to ensure you receive the following items the next day, just when you need them:
  • Ink cartridges
  • Maintenance cartridges
  • Print heads
  • Cutter blades

Your printer advises us when items are low or wearing low, so that the replacements are sent in plenty of time before you run out.

(eServices operates via a one way email from the printer and has a very low security risk)

For full details on support services please see our terms & conditions.

eSupport is a revolutionary new system that enables your printer to communicate directly with our support team and highlight any errors or faults before you've even had the chance to pick up the phone.

This means that our service team can accurately monitor the 'health' of your printer, and potentially fix any serious probelms before they even arise!

With your permission, our service team can even remotely access your computer and help you overcome various technical issues, without you having to wait for an engineer to arrive.

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