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1. Can I buy the equipment at the end of term?
Yes only 3 monthly payments and its yours 


2. Will the pricing change over the period?
The rental is fixed for the whole period but the click can go up or down depending on the cost of an Ink Cartridge for that month. 


3. What if i wish to stop the Rental?
Just write to us and we will remove the printer and only charge you half of the remaining period
. That's it.


4. Is it more cost effective to Buy?
Only if your machine does not require any service calls, a new print head or any suport over the 3 years.

Even if you have the funds, you must take into account the interest you could earn over 3 years £5,000 @ 3% = £463.64 or spend it on other equipment. Remember a loan on £5,000 will cost you between £750 to £1,500 over 3 years in interest alone.


5. What if I wish to upgrade or down grade to suit changes in my customer requirements?
No problem, after 6 months we can exchange the machine and re-set your plan to the new payments for 3 years.


6. PAY AS YOU GO or click charge is per print?
No, it is for the amount of ink used, a print may use 60% coverage and another 5% coverage of ink. You will only be charged for 65% coverage of ink used saving money again.