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Printing Computer Graphic Images

Unlike CAD (Computer Aided Design), Computer Graphics is a lot more complex, one is dealing mainly with Raster and Vector data in one image. There are many software packages and formats to contend with. There are important facts that need to be addressed before sending out a job to any printer, font types, embedded, DPI and file formats are some, even with PDF's there are issues.

Then we have the area of Colour Management. We have a full package of Pantone Colour Charts, a Spectrophotometer for colour calibrations for the printers and materials used. We produce our own ICC profiles to assist us to achieve the best results.

With over 17 years of experience, a large number of software packages and conversion programs, with the Canon Printers Dye and Pigmented inks, I feel we are in a good position for you to at least try us out, our prices are good too.

We use Windows XP and Imac platforms with a large number of input options from CD, DVD, Memory Sticks to Camera Memory Cards and the Internet. We can handle over 100 different image and file formats. This does not include our scanners for hard copies.

We also stock a large range of printing materials, to suit most applications.

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