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Company History

Data Image was first registered in September 1988 to offer cost effective methods of storage, archiving, duplication, conversion and manipulation of hard copy documents. Microfilm was up until then, the main solution for many companies, but this was also the beginning of a very new era, which introduced low cost CAD (computer aided design) and Raster scanning to the drawing office.

Although technology has greatly improved efficiency and productivity for many companies, it has also introduced a number of conflicts related to proven and current working practices.

To service this area Data Image (U.K.) Limited was registered in May 1996. In December 1998 with the introduction of the Web, we found an Americian company was using the same name so we started Scans web site, now the Web names are more flexible with additions of, we started new web site which was generated in December 2007.

In October 2013 we moved from Coulsdon to Rustington, West Sussex on the south coast.

As an end user of scanners and printers, we find that the Canon Range was very reliable, cost effective and gave very good results. We then progressed to offering Canon iPF Wide Format Printers and Canon materials to many of our customers, we still use Canon based machines for our Printing Services.

Our philosophy is to assist and to share experiences with our customers in an attempt to stay one step ahead with practical technology.